How to Unlock Evo Guns in Free Fire?

How to Unlock Evo Guns in Free Fire?

Free Fire has gained significant popularity, especially after the ban of PUBG in India, and has now become a great battle royale game worldwide. In battle royale games, guns always play an important role. Players enjoy the battlefield more if they have quality guns, as these help them take over the enemy. Eliminating enemies in the game with high-demand guns gives players real excitement.

Evo guns are weapons that evolve from one rarity to another. These are extra-level guns that prove to be very beneficial in the game. Evo guns were introduced in Free Fire with its OB25 update. The use of Evo guns deals with high damage in no time. They get upgraded according to the performance of the players. For extra advance guns you must try Free Fire Advance Server.

How To Unlock EVO Gun Skins In Free Fire

How to Unlock Evo Guns – Complete Process

In the battle royale game Free Fire, players mainly use two types of guns: Armory guns and Evo guns. Armory guns are regular guns used in the battle royale, while Evo guns are rare ones. Evo guns are released during in-game spin events. To acquire these exclusive guns, players need to try their luck by participating in spin events to obtain and equip them. Each spin requires a specific number of diamonds, and you will need 10,000 diamonds for your favorite Evo gun.

You can follow these steps to unlock them:

  1. First, log in to your Free Fire account.
  2. Navigate to the Luck Royale section, located on the left side of your screen.
  3. In this section, you will see banners for both the Armory and Evo gun vaults.
  4. Select the Evo vault banner to access the new Luck Royale interface.
  5. Now, use your diamonds to purchase spins and try your luck in acquiring Evo guns.

How to Upgrade Evo Guns?

First, we unlock an Evo gun and then upgrade it. To give it a cool look, we can also use Evo Gun skins. These skins are very special and can be upgraded with special tokens in Free Fire. You have to unlock Evo guns by participating in events and upgrade them with the best skins to show off in the game.

Recap – How to Unlock Evo Guns in Free Fire?

To unlock Evo guns in Free Fire, you have to participate in the in-game spin event and try your luck. First, go to the Luck Royale section to participate in the spin event. Then, choose the Evo vault banner to access Evo gun skins.

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