Methods to Create a Guild in Free Fire

Free Fire is the most thrilling action battle royale game in the world. It’s an exciting game where players from around the globe participate, allowing for communication and strategic planning during gameplay. Enjoying the best gameplay requires good aiming skills to effectively target and eliminate enemies in large numbers. Having good aiming skills grants access to auto headshot in Free Fire. You must join Free Fire Advance Server For exclusive free fire features. If you’re unfamiliar with auto headshot mechanics in Free Fire, we’ll provide you with a complete guide on how to set it up.

How To Auto Headshot In Free Fire

Set Your Own Sensitivity

Free Fire players have their own unique playing styles and utilize their own finger muscles. Each player has a different frequency of finger muscle usage. Therefore, it’s essential to train your finger muscles for aiming to achieve an auto headshot.

We can conclude that the sensitivity settings for every Free Fire player must be individualized, and each player needs to adjust their sensitivity settings in the settings menu themselves.

Here, we’re providing recommended sensitivity settings that can assist you in achieving auto headshots:

  • Normal Camera Sensitivity: 50
  • Red Dot Sensitivity: 100
  • 2x Scope Sensitivity: 16
  • 4x Scope Sensitivity: 18
  • AWM Scope Sensitivity: 20 (When using the AWM)

Tips for Setting Auto Headshot in Free Fire

  1. Set Aim Precision to default.
  2. Set Always to Left Fire Button.
  3. Turn On Quick Weapon Switch.
  4. Turn Off Quick Reload.
  5. Turn off Reload Progress on Crosshair.
  6. Turn On Free Look.
  7. Turn On Hold Fire To Scope.
  8. Set Grenade Slot to Double Slot.

Recap – How to Auto Headshot in Free Fire?

To achieve auto headshots in Free Fire, you need to adjust your sensitivity settings to match your finger muscles and train your fingers diligently for improved efficiency in landing headshots.

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