How to Get Ryden Characters in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire has introduced many features in the latest OB43 update, including the Ryder and Chaos events. Free Fire is highly popular for its frequent updates, keeping its users engaged. The OB43 update has brought forth numerous features in its Advanced Server.

The new character, Ryder, has gained immense popularity and is loved by many players. Consequently, numerous players are curious about how to obtain the Ryder character. Here, we will guide you on how to unlock the Ryden character.

How To Get Ryden Character In Free Fire

How to Unlock Ryden Character

To unlock any character, players need in-game premium currency, which they can acquire from the in-game shop. Additionally, players can unlock the Ryden character by completing certain in-game missions within a specified time frame.

Follow these steps to unlock the new Ryden character:

  1. Go to the in-game event section.
  2. Then navigate to Game Updates.
  3. Look for the Free New Character section.
  4. Complete the challenge to unlock the Ryden Character.

Playing 16 Free Fire matches in Battle Royale (BR), Clash Squad (CS), or Lone Wolf (LW) modes will grant you the Ryden character for seven days. Playing 40 matches in any of the mentioned modes will permanently unlock it.

Free Fire Ryden’s Ability

Ryder is a 16-year-old inventive genius whose rationality surpasses that of his peers. His inventive genius can aid in the quest for Booyah. Ryder possesses spider trap skills that enable him to launch an explosive spider toward his target, which remains active for 30 seconds.

The spider can ensnare the first enemy within a five-meter radius, reducing their speed by almost 80%, and also inflicting a damage of 10 HP per second. Additionally, the bleeding effect lasts for three seconds.

Recap – How to Unlock Ryden Character in Free Fire

To unlock the new Ryden Character, simply complete an in-game challenge. Additionally, playing 40 matches in Battle Royale (BR), Clash Squad (CS), and Lone Wolf (LW) modes will permanently unlock the Ryden character for you.

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