Who is the king of Free Fire in the world? A Full Guide

Leveling up in Free Fire is a well-known aspect because it’s the main factor that distinguishes beginners from top players. As you level up in Free Fire, you unlock certain features initially, then earn rewards as you progress. To level up, you need to collect experience points, which you can get from every match except training and custom matches. Every Free Fire player aims to level up quickly because it allows them to unlock amazing features, earn premium diamonds, guns, skins, and even new characters, which adds to the excitement for players. Here, we’ll guide you on how you can level up faster.

How To Level Up Faster In Free Fire

Use EXP Cards

If you want to double your level, you have to use EXP Cards, which can work quickly. When using these EXP cards, you will notice that your level is increasing rapidly in the game day by day. To acquire these EXP cards, you can visit the Power-ups section.

Playing Battle Royale Matches

Experience points are earned through your performance in the game, but we recommend that you try to win with as many kills as possible. If you abandon a match, you can lose all the experience points you’ve gained. It’s important to stay in the game until your teammates are still alive and not leave prematurely.

Complete Daily Missions

To level up faster in Free Fire, you need to complete daily missions, which help you earn extra experience points. You can find these missions near the map section of the game. Select the missions that offer the most experience points and focus on completing them.

Increase Play Time

Your level depends entirely on EXP, which increases based on the time you spend in the game. The more you play and spend time in the game, the more EXP you’ll receive. Your playtime directly affects your level. It’s important to manage your playtime and not become addicted to the game.

Play with a Good Squad

You can play solo, duo, or squad matches, but if you want to level up faster, Garena recommends playing as a squad. Your coordination with the team will help you level up quickly.

Recap – How to Level Up Faster in Free Fire

To level up faster in Free Fire, play as a squad, increase playtime, complete daily missions, use EXP cards, and participate in Battle Royale matches.

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